Character Creation

Into the Wild Coast is an exploration and realm building themed campaign. Depending on the nature of the characters and the outcomes of your adventures you may end up in charge of a small tract of land. There will probably be significant in-game downtime for character development. I have an outline in mind that would take your characters from 1- optimistically level 20.

  • 1st level character
  • Standard ability array (15, 14, 13, 12 ,10 ,8) or point buy
  • Roll for gold (one reroll)
  • Restricted Races – Drow, Dragonborn
  • Tieflings exist in the setting, are very rare, and may be played but they will be significantly socially handicapped unless they take measures to hide their infernal features.
  • Variant human traits are not in use, nor are the listed human ethnicities. The following human ethnicities are available to choose if you wish. I’ve included a link to information about each ethnic group.

+1 to Strength, two other abilities
Bonus Feat: Mounted Combat
Bonus Language: Ancient Baklunish

+1 to Constitution, two other abilities
Proficient in Nature & Survival;
+5 foot bonus to speed;
Bonus Language: Flan.

+1 to Wisdom, two other abilities
Bonus Feat: Savage Attacker;
Bonus Language: Old Oeridian

+1 to Intelligence, two other abilities
Bonus Feat: Magic Initiate;
Bonus Language: Suloise.

  • If you would like to use a race or class option not listed in the Players Handbook show it to me and think of an interesting back story to convince me :)
  • Deities of Greyhawk:
    Reference Player’s Handbook pg 295

for more complete information.

Character Creation

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