Into the Wild Coast

Session 3: Mite vs Right

The ploy of the mite kingdom beneath the old sycamore was discovered. Garlnarl, the young kobold, was sent off carrying the Sootscale tribe’s idol, Sharptooth, ahead of the mite warband. He succeeded in warning the tribe of the incoming attack, and the party was rewarded with a pile of “shiny treasure” after the mites were defeated.

Chief Sootscale also provided the group with a crude map of the rest of the peninsula.
Exploration time for the rest of the peninsula is greatly reduced

Cheif Sootscale offered another bag of “sparkly rocks” for hunting what he called “Tuskgutter”. He described what sounds like a large feral pig who periodically roots up the moon radish patch.

Session 0: South to Fort Cantona

While traveling south the party survived a run-in with orcs that carried a strange affliction. The relatively passive northern coast orcs were extremely aggressive. Their skin was severely cracked, and it oozed a light green fluid.

Shortly after, the party arrived at Fort Cantona. There they met Captain Gelrinn and were charted to explore the area south of Fort Cantona toward the city of Fax. Captain Gelrinn mentioned several groups were sent south to determine if the orcish hordes of the Pomarj are suffering the same fate as the afflicted orcs found south of Safeton.


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